Asking for the Earth's Bounty

Seren Taun is celebrated yearly to give thanks for a rich harvest and to usher a fruitful yield for the coming year. Residents of Pasir Eurih in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, celebrated the culmination of the festival on Sunday (17/ 1).
The festival including helaran dongdat (procession of agriculture produce), majiekeun pare (piling unhusked rice into the granary) and pintonan kesenian (art performances).
In the morning, people from 54 villages gathered in front of Imah Kolot (Ancient House), carrying produce.
The procession began with those bearing rice paddies on wooden poles, followed by village elders and performers. All made their way toward Sindang Barang cultural village, where pare ayah and pare ambu (mother and father rice) were placed in the Ratna Inten granary.