Afriadi Hikmal is freelance photographer based in Indonesia. He's an Indonesian who took up photography as a freelance for several tabloids in the late 90s. In 2008 he's joining in The Jakarta Globe newspaper serves Indonesia until December 2015. As freelance photographer Afriadi covers a variety of assignment from NGO, foreign media and corporate.

2019 - 1st Winner, Gelora Bung Karno Photo Competition 2019, May. 
2018 - 1st Winner, Investment Photo Competition, Digital Industry and Logistics, Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), August.
2018 - 1st Winner, Ramadhan in Monochrome Photo Competition, Aneka Foto & Ricoh Pentax Indonesia, July.
2018 - 1st Winner, Photo Bokeh Competition Samsung and Blibli, July. 
2018 - 3rd Winner, Indonesian Economic Development Photo Competition, Indonesian news agency (Antara), February.
2018 - 2nd Place in the Shining a Light, Experiences of Refugee Women International Photography Contest exhibition, Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville, USA.
2017 - 1st Winner, Connecting People and Services theme, Microfinance Photography  Contest, Consultative Group To Assist Poor (CGAP), World Bank - Washington, November.
2017 - 1st Prize, Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Forestry Indonesia.
2015 - 1st Prize, Anti Corruption Photo Journalism Award, March.
2012 - 1st Prize, National Disaster Relief Agency Journalism Award.
2012 - 3rd Place, Java Jazz On Stage Photo Competition, April.
2011 - 2nd Place, Marine and Fisheries Photo Competition, Oct.
2011 - 3rd Ministry of Public Work Photo Competition, Oct.
2011 - 1st Prize, MH Thamrin Journalism Award, PWI Jaya.
2011 - 2nd Place, Lifestyle in SCBD, Harris Hotel Photo Competition, June.
2010 - 2nd Place, Farmer Photo Award, Ministry of Agriculture, Dec.
2010 - 3rd Place, Mosque Architecture Photo Contest, July.
2009 -1st Prize, Journalism Award, Aliansi Jurnalistik Indonesia (AJI) with the America Centre for International Labor Solidarity, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and International Labor Organization (ILO), Dec.
2009 - 2nd Place, Essay , Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand Photojournalism Contest (FCCT), Bangkok, Dec.
2009 - 1st Prize, Nature, National Geographic, Sept.
2009 - 2nd Place, Election Photo Contest, August.
2008 - 3rd Place, Indonesia Constuction Photo Contest, Dec.
2007 - 3rd Place, Indonesia Public Works Photo Competition, August.
2006 - 3rd Place, Indonesia Constuction Photo Contest, Dec.
2001 - Winner Creative Image, theme Flora/ Garden, Fotomedia magazine, Oct.
2001 - Winner Creative Image, theme Culture, Fotomedia magazine, July.
2001 - Winner Creative Image, theme Face, Fotomedia magazine, June.
2001 - Winner Creative Image, theme Millenium 2, Fotomedia magazine, Feb.
2000 - Winner Creative Image, theme Wheel, Fotomedia magazine, Dec.

2001, Writing experiment photography for Fotomedia magazine, no.26 th IX, July.