Jockey 3 in 1

Every morning Budi Rahadian (22) was wearing his best shirt. He looked at the mirror to see his look.
” It’s neat if I use the shirt “, said Budi who didn’t finish his Junior High School. He went with no breakfast Budi walked through narrow street around his place, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Indonesia.
"From the first 3 in 1 jockey launched I was here with friends”, explained Budi. Budi and some of his friends offered service as Jockey 3 in 1. Pakubuwono street was where Budi worked in the morning, and in the afternoon he worked near BI building.
“As they want to give, I never made a tariff “, said Budi when asked how much was his tariff. Budi’s income less than he used to have, there were lot jockeys and also because of the traffic jam.
“I use to get forty thousands in the morning, now only twenty thousands”, said Budi.
3 in 1 regulations didn’t let Jakarta’s residents fail to buy luxurious cars.
” I never choose the car, but the most comfortable car is Lexus (?) compare with Mercy, BMW or Jaguar”, said Budi.
“I can get 3 – 4 trips in the morning, in the afternoon only 2 trips." He say.
Many private cars went home when three in one hours done and also the traffic jam, that why I got less in the afternoon. Clients are people who use the jockey and know exactly their position. Almost all the jockeys have their own clients. “This is my client “, said Budi as he gets in to the car.
Budi was quite polite, on the way they talked and they seem quite familiar to each other. Reach the destination, the car owner gives Budi fifteen thousands rupiah. After saying thank you Budi was in hurry go back to the location again.
After the 3 in 1 hours finished, Budi counted his income all morning.
"Thanks God, I got thirty thousands rupiah." He though of his brother, his mom and his dad.
*)Three in one (3 in 1) regulations is made by Jakarta locality government, which allow only min 3 passengers in a private car, the aim is to less the traffic jam in busiest hour.