Pasar Rawa Belong

Pasar Rawa Belong is a well-known market for many kind of cut flower. If you're crazy about flowers, then you should come to this heavenly flora. This market comes alive as early as 2 AM. Distributors flock with varities of flowers, from a distance one could smell the intense aroma of fresh flowers scents mixed in a mixed in an array of colorful display. At 4 in morning, the flowers are put on display not only in kiosks but in minivans As well. You will not find a better place to buy fresh flowers anywhere else in Jakarta with extremely affordable process. By 7 in the morning all the flowers would be gone.
Over the years, many foreigners especially from the embassies come here frequently. Don't be surprised that a small kiosk can earn big by exporting the locals' favorite such as 'Anggrek" and 'Sedap Malam'. If you speak Sundanese, you have an advantage to bargain as majority of the owners here come from West Java. This market is also a place for many re-sellers to shops. (Jakarta Globe/Afriadi Hikmal)