Sheltered Lives

In a house in West Java, a group of people afflicted by cerebral palsy and other disabilities and who have know each other since childhood spend their days undergoing physical therapy and conseling. Most were sent to live here as toddlers. For many, their families have moved on, losing contact as life hands out its distractions.

A child in the home died once. With exhaustive efforts, caretakers managed to get in touch with the family and inform them. A courier bearing Rp.500.000 ($43) for funeral expenses arrived, but the family never came.

But Wisma Tuna Ganda Palsigunung strives not to forget. Two-thirds of its residents cannot walk. Of the 91 residents who have lived in its rooms since 1975, a quarter have eventually been able to leave and live independently. Another third have stayed for their whole life.

*) Dedicated to people in Wisma Tuna Ganda Palsigunung.