Kamisan was initiated in January 2007 by families of victims of human rights violations. Every thursday participants wear black clothes and carry banners with the photos and names of victim. Kamisan was initially conceived as a silent protest. Black umbrellas are the most noticable things in kamisan.

Lion dance is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture and other Asian countries in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume. The lion dance is usually performed during the Chinese New Year and other Chinese traditional, cultural and religious festivals.  Good evening Jakarta, Indonesia.
Timelapse - Good evening Jakarta, Indonesia.

Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) AeroAsia is an international company that employs 2,500 employees based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It services airplanes of many types and is one of the largest aircraft maintenance facilities in Asia.

My Testimony for Picstory Aplication.