Dream in Garment Factory

Dozens of workers pedaled their sewing machine at Al-Mia, a garment factory in Jakarta. Under the supervision of a foreman, they work from eight in the morning to five.
The heat in the room makes some of them work shirtless, but still they work diligently, with painstaking meticulousness.
The warung (a small diner) on the narrow alley right next to the factory is where they quench their hunger, though only with a small package of rice and simple accompaniment.
They come from Cilacap and Tasik. Every week they make from Rp 300,000 - 500,000. On average they have worked for Al-Mia for two years and lived in the dormitory on the upper floor of the factory.
In their interaction they try to make the Jakarta dream come true, in the swelter of a garment factory. (Jakarta Globe/ Afriadi Hikmal)