Living With Rob, The Tidal Wave Flood

Rob, or the tidal wave flood as Indonesian used to call it, is an 'unexpectedly-dependable-to-come companion' for the residents of Muara Baru, Penjaringan urban wards, North Jakarta. Almost every month, the residential area near the fish auction facility is always be visited by its liquid friend. Puddle of water in Muara Baru do not come from heavy rain pouring on Jakarta, but from the tidal wave of nearby ocean.
Rob is caused by the tidal wave itself, and other external force such as water thrust; swell, or long distance tidal wave; hurricane and tropical storm, which is a regular phenomenon at sea. The combination of it all gives rise to an anomalous sea level causing the Rob.
Thousands of residents who live in Penjaringan area cannot be easily relocated. Because, the number is overwhelming, hence troubling the government to find the solution. The cheapest one is by heightening the dam to prevent the sea water from overflowing to the public housings. But, the dam, which was collectively built by the residents, was broken, and there is no further effort to repair the dam from the city official, thus Rob pays a visit to their houses every month.
With this hostile natural neighbor, thousands of people choose to stay in their houses. The 90 centimeter high puddle of water from the ocean and polluted river is a common thing for them, even, the current is very strong in some part of the area. Life goes as usual, although transportation certainly becomes a pain in the bottom for these people. For Muara Baru residents, Rob is a long lost friend who comes every tide season. (Jakarta Globe/Afriadi Hikmal)