Keeping The Police in The Air

Government's directive to separate the Police Department from Indonesian Armed Forces, more or less, has its own beneficial impacts. Specifically, in the matter of procuring the needs of the Directorate of Aerial Police, of which can be seen at their headquarter in Pondok Cabe, Banten, spread on 2.7 hectares of land, there are three hangars housing various planes and helicopters.
Some 48 units of helicopter and 10 fixed wings airplanes, from which their assignment posts depend on the need of each provincial police department, are divided into two categories of assignments, that are the temporary and the regular. With these numbers of operational vehicles, the directorate then built its own reparation and maintenance facility in Pondok Cabe to ensure optimum services provided by its mechanics.
The mechanics work from 7 am to 5 pm. During the overhaul, they will dismantle all parts of the plane or the helicopter, and checking each part to ensure the safety of it during the flight. And this is conducted in a strict, thorough way to avoid human mistakes in the maintenance of the aerial vehicles from different production times.
Indonesia has 33 provinces, stretching out in a vast 1,860,359.67 km2, that must be covered by 48 helicopters and 10 airplanes. Ironically, the maintenance budget for the directorate has always been circumcised to as small as 10% from the ideal amount. Thus, even the old ones are still deployed to patrol above the vast land of Indonesia.