Savory Yarns of Persistence

Everyday, thousands of noodles are hanging loose on the backyard of a house in Singkawang, West Kalimantan. Just as long yarns in a spinning mill, the noodles are waiting to dry under the sun. Yellowish curtains of noodles shift us into a different nuance of a hiding place. That is what you get from being at the Singkawang savory noodles factory.
This simple traditional factory is a family business for generations that was established 50 years ago under the name "Fuk Siu." The production process employ 10 labors, working from 7 am to 5 pm. Four of the workers are a family, while the other six are surrounding neighbors. In the room where they sort the noodles, there are four people, assigned for sorting and packaging the noodles. On the backyard where they dry the noodles, there are two people who have the responsibility of picking up "the laundry."
While in the steam room, there are four people stationed in this hot steamy room, overseeing the steaming process for ten hours a day, as if they are oblivious to the heat, they even eat their lunch inside the room.
This home industry has survived a half century life span and has become the trademark of Singkawang, which was born from the owner's persistence and strong will regardless the limited equipments.