Scattered Souls

The psychiatric hospital called Rumah Sakit Jiwa Dr. Soeharto Heerdjan, better known as RSJ Grogol, is located on Jl. Latumeten, West Jakarta. The clinics and inpatient wards are clean and bright, far from sinister and terrifying. The hospital, which has been named a pilot project for mental health, was established in 1965. With a capacity for up to 300 patients, the hospital claimed that it only takes 21 days to improve a patient's condition by one degree.
Patients often are not aware of their surrounding when their family take them to the hospital. They spend their first days in rooms with barred windows or similarly barred courtyard. Many of them have to spend some time in isolation room with hands and feet bound, to keep them safe during the occasional outbursts.
Most of the time the patients are neither combative nor given to screaming fits. Mostly they just sit around or sleep, trying to expel the ghosts of the past that had driven them into the mental hospital. Sometimes they share stories. It helps to have friends to share with. Some who have been declared cured still stay at the hospital because their families cannot be contacted. Unfortunately, most people still see mental illness as a disgrace, though, like other conditions, it is inevitable but manageable, to help the patient avoid the more harmful effect of the disease.
These patients are empty souls bereft of the loving care of their family and community. Their soul has been shattered by life and they are now trying to put it together within the wards of the mental hospital.