Waves of Sorake

Nias island, located just off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, is not only the home of celebrated war dance and stone-jumping rituals, it also boasts world-class surfing. As part of the Nias Passage adventure conducted by National Geographic Indonesia and Sony Indonesia, several photographers visited Sorake Beach, about 14 kilometers from Teluk Dalam, to capture the emerging Indonesian surf culture.

In the past decade, more Indonesians have been taking to the water and enjoying the waves. The high-quality hollow wave at Sorake can reach three meters in height as it peels down a shallow coral reef, offering surfers long, ‘barrelling’ rides.It’s no wonder Sorake, and the entire Mentawai chain in which Nias sits, is billed among the best places in the world to surf, rivaling even the iconic waves of Hawaii.